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Workbook Design & Launch + Merchandise for Jameka Jones-Carter

The Perfect Toolkit for Self-Reflection

Longtime client, Jameka-Jones Carter came to us in dire need of design assistance with her toolkit. She’s one of our proud DIY Entrepreneurs who does a lot of her marketing materials herself. When she sent over the files she had designed, we instantly knew what was needed. 

The best thing about this project, is that Jameka had a good idea of how her book should look. She just didn’t have the design elements in their right places. That’s where we came in. This project really changed the aesthetic of her brand, so in some ways, it was a light brand revamp. 


The See Yourself Ebook Design & Launch
The Results

“I’m extremely happy with the final product. It’s finally all coming together, thank you so much!!!”

Workbooks are excellent tools for life coaches to use. 

Workbooks are excellent tools to add to your product base as a life coach or consultant. These can be sent off for your clients to work on alone or for your one-to-one and group sessions. It’s also smart to add additional merch tiers and give your customers more to purchase. 

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