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Brand Refresh for Pure & Wholly a Holistic Essentials Brand

We provide comprehensive guides to help you create your own content and brand identity. 

If you don’t understand who your business serves, you’ll forever be stuck in a constant loop of throwing any and everything on the wall and seeing what sticks.

When organizing the brand identity for a new brand. It’s important to consider who the business actually serves. For this Strategy Session, we needed to first establish a clear Mission + Vision before we could define the target avatars the business serves. Once that was handled, the styling and content strategy became easier to push out. 



 Even if this were a new brand, the mission and vision statement tells us that this is a brand for everyone. The logo and branding should reflect that. That’s why we used muted tones and highlighted the customer avatars.


For this revamp we reimagined the colors and feel of the brand. Before, Pure and Wholly solely marketed towards woman, despite this being a brand that has both male and female customers already. 


Pure and Wholly


The Results

“I have so much clarity now!” -Ciara , Owner of Pure and Wholly

Cohesiveness is Key to Building a Strong Brand Identity

Nothing is worse for marketing than a brand that’s poorly represented visually. You have to have a guide for whoever will be designing your content and writing your copy as a business owner. If you’re doing this yourself, this part is even more crucial if you don’t have the professional design experience or knowledge. 

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